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Sustainable Ecologists

February 20, 2024 HannahMaben Company NewsDevonSomerset

As a business whose primary target is monitoring and supporting ecological balance, sustainability is at the core of Seasons Ecology’s ethos. Here’s a closer look at how we’ve crafted a business that thrives in harmony with nature.

Green office practices

From the moment you walk into either of our offices, you can feel the importance of nature. Large amounts of indoor plants help bring the office to life, as well as improving the air quality for our staff! Pictures on the walls depicting protected species and stunning natural landscapes also serve as a reminder as to why we do the job we do! Through more practical measures, such as the use of eco-friendly office supplies like recycled printer paper, recycling waste and restricting the use of power where possible, we look to keep our impact as low as possible.


Due to the nature of our work, the use of public transport is rarely possible, however we recognise that travel to sites adds to our businesses carbon footprint. Wherever possible we try to lesson this impact by planning our work schedule and grouping jobs, visiting sites in particular areas at the same time. Lift sharing and web-based meetings are also standard procedure, meaning we have as fewer vehicles on the road as possible!

We also proud to be a Climate Perks accredited employer offering our staff a sustainable travel incentive in their spare time – if an employee of Seasons Ecology choses to travel to their holiday destination using a more sustainable option, such as by train instead of plane, we reward them with an extra day’s holiday each way, to cover the extra travel time!

Equipment and materials

All too often, discarded ecological materials can be seen when out enjoying the countryside, such as plastic dormouse nesting tubes from a long-completed survey. At Seasons Ecology, every tube, footprint tunnel and reptile mat is numbered, mapped, and if necessary marked with bright, biodegradable marking tape (hedges have a habit of growing once we’ve put out our monitoring devices…!) to ensure that every device we put out at a site is accounted for when we collect them in at the end of a survey! Additionally, our dormouse boxes are purchased from a local beekeeper who makes the boxes using off cuts of locally sourced and milled, sustainable timber.

Moving forward

As sustainability is something that’s important to all members of our teams, new ideas are constantly being thrown into discussion about things we can do and improvements we can make. Current ideas up for discussion include raising money to support a chosen non-profit organisation, a yearly team volunteer day assisting with a selected conservation project and a weekly suggested vegan office day!


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