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Climate Perks Scheme

February 20, 2023 Kate Hayward Company News

Seasons Ecology have signed up to the charity-run Climate Perks scheme and are proud to be a Climate Perks accredited employer. This means that we will give paid travel time where employees elect to travel via land or sea rather than via air. The paid travel time can be claimed for additional hours spent travelling. 

Despite less than 1 in 5 of the world’s population ever having stepped inside a plane, flying is the fastest growing contributor to climate change globally. On current trends, aviation alone will account for 40% of UK carbon emissions by 2050. In line with the 2015 Paris Agreement, we recognise the need for behaviour change to play a role in reducing aviation emissions and in turn the role of social and workplace innovations to facilitate and drive such behaviour change. We also recognise that the challenge of decarbonising the global economy must have equity considerations at its core. Citizens in global north countries must be empowered to reduce their lifestyle greenhouse gas emissions, in order to assist developing countries in providing their citizens with a higher standard of living within finite global carbon budgets. We are therefore committed to supporting a cultural shift towards low carbon leisure travel.

We understand that annual leave is limited, so it can be difficult to choose slower transport modes – so we want to help staff live their values by ensuring flight-free travel doesn’t eat into leisure time. 


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