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Great Crested Newt Survey Season

March 6, 2024 HannahMaben DevonEcologistSomerset

Now is the time to get in contact and organise great crested newt surveys as the optimum time to survey for these marvellous creatures only lasts a few months:

  • Mid-March to mid-June: Traditional presence/absence survey and population assessment
  • Mid-April to end of June: eDNA presence/absence survey*

Great crested newts are our largest native newt species in the UK and face massive habitat loss and population decline due to climate change, pollution, and human development.  They are a protected species under UK and European law, and it is illegal to capture, injure or kill great crested newts.  They are therefore a key species to consider in any development proposals and planning applications.

Seasons Ecology has successfully supported many schemes in the past by designing and undertaking great crested newt surveys and advising measures to avoid/mitigate potential impacts of development on great crested newts.  As well as holding appropriate great crested newt survey licenses we act as the Named Ecologist on Natural England mitigation licences in respect to development and can advise on District Level Licensing, where applicable.

Bottle trapping, eDNA testing, preparing newt licences and non-licensed method statements, habitat manipulation and enhancements, implementing amphibian fencing and translocations are some examples of our work with great crested newts.

* New for 2024 Our partners are now offering a 24-hour turnaround for eDNA analysis which means it is quicker than ever to find out if great crested newts will require further consideration in your project*

An example of when great crested newts would need consideration is if within a 500m buffer of your plans you would find a pond or if the site falls in a Devon great crested newt consultation zone. Organising ecological surveys early on in a project will prevent delays should great crested newts be found close by.

If you have any questions or are in need of any ecological or surveying work on great crested newts or other amphibians please contact us via email: or via phone: our Bath office – 01373 834 848, or our Wellington (Somerset) office – 01884 720 745

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