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🦇 Introducing Night Vision Aids for Bat Surveys 🦇

March 11, 2024 HannahMaben DevonIndustry UpdateSomerset

At Seasons Ecology, we are proud to announce our readiness to roll out Night Vision Aid in line with the latest guidance from the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) in 2023. Embracing innovation, we have meticulously prepared to seamlessly incorporate this new methodology into our services for the up and coming bat survey season (May to September). Our goal is to ensure compliance, accuracy, and timely delivery while striving to minimize additional costs for our clients.

The New Guidance:

The BCT guidance published in September 2023, emphasises the importance of incorporating Night Vision Aids in bat surveys. Research has found that night vision aids significantly improve the accuracy of bat surveys by enhancing visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for better detection and identification of bat species. While incorporating night vision technology may initially involve an investment, it can lead to cost savings in the long run by reducing the need for repeated surveys and providing more accurate data for decision-making.

Our Proactive Approach:

  1. Keeping Ahead of Developments: Seasons Ecology has been at the forefront of keeping pace with industry changes, diligently tracking updates and interim guidance from BCT over the past two years.
  2. Equipment Excellence: We’ve invested in state-of-the-art Night Vision Aids (infra-red cameras and lighting) that not only meet the highest performance standards but also provide cost-efficient solutions. Our commitment is to deliver high quality surveys without breaking the bank.
  3. Expertise Through Training: Our ecologists, are not just proficient in Night Vision Aid operation and subsequent footage review, but are also attuned to the cost considerations vital to our clients.
  4. Seamless Integration: Incorporating Night Vision Aids into our survey design and costing processes demonstrates our dedication to delivering comprehensive, compliant, and cost effective services to our clients.

Why Seasons Ecology?

  • Compliance Assurance: Be confident in knowing that your surveys align with the latest ecological guidelines, reducing the risk of delays with planning applications and Natural England licence submissions.
  • Risk Mitigation: We understand the importance of timely and accurate survey data. By incorporating Night Vision Aids, we can avoid inconclusive survey results, mitigate risks associated with delays (such as unexpected finds during construction) and ensuring smooth project timelines.
  • Innovation in Action: Seasons Ecology brings innovation to the forefront, demonstrating our commitment to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of ecological consulting.
  • Proven Track Record: With a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade, trust Seasons Ecology to navigate the evolving landscape of bat surveys with precision and expertise.

Contact Us Today:

For more information about our Night Vision Aid bat surveys, contact Seasons Ecology.

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