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BREEAM Calculator

November 28, 2012 HannahMaben Uncategorized

Seasons Ecology has created an Excel spreadsheet based upon the formula provided within BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes guidance for calculating the change in ecological value of a site.

The calculator allows users to enter site specific information including habitat plot types, areas and species numbers before and after development.  Once this information has been entered then the change of ecological value will automatically be calculated and an indication of the number of achievable credits will be given.

The calculator tool also enables landscape architects, project managers and developers to tweak the figures so that they can better understand what might be required to improve the number of achievable credits e.g. increase the number of species post development and see instantly how this impacts on the calculation and number of achievable credits.  This enables users and project teams to consider whether such changes are feasible within the design or not.

To download a free copy of Seasons Ecology Change in Ecological Value Calculator please complete the form below.  For further information please contact us at

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